Current tasks in protection and sustainable development of cultural heritage are diverse and complex. In order to provide a suitable personal constellation for every task, the office has a team with a wide range of qualifications and a network of cooperating experts, offices and other institutions with the relevant specialized know-how at both national and international levels.

We also have good contacts with the UNESCO World Heritage Center in Paris and the international advisory bodies of the World Heritage Committee, ICOMOS and ICCROM which supports us in our deliberations on the goals and solutions of various aspects of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Nearly every task dealing with historical heritage in the context of urban and regional development can therefore be tackled in a goal-oriented and solution-oriented manner.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Kloos

Architect + Urban Planner AKNW / SRL

Philipp Tebart

Engineering Graduate, Architect

Djana Tebart-Tirai 

Engineering Graduate, Architect

Luise Zander

Master of Science