Field-of-view-assessment Denewerk and Haithabu

The historical cultural landscape with its monuments Danewerk and Haithabu is one of the most significant archaeological sites and scientific sources in the State of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The monuments include a complex of earth walls, stone walls, ditches, berms, settlements, port, lake barrier and grave fields as well as natural obstacles which were used strategically. The unique monuments make it possible to investigate and gain knowledge about subjects such as conflicts, innovations and related actions. Also the social developments of Scandinavian cultures of the Viking Age and early Middle Ages in Northern Europe can be investigated. There are accordingly plans to nominate the monument for the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2018.

At the same time, all regional plans in Schleswig-Holstein will be revised in the coming years. In this context, a reassignment will take place of suitable areas for installation of wind turbines which are intended to advance the objective of the State to reduce the energy demand and promote climate protection.

The field-of-view study has been carried out to avoid the potential conflicts between these objectives and the planned nomination of Danewerk and Haithabu, as well as to develop recommendations for future fields of action.

Commissioned by:

Arch├Ąologisches Landesamt Schleswig Holstein

Status / Result:

Completed in 2017