Heritage Impact assessment Geumgang-gyo Bridge / South Korea

The South Korean Municipality of Gongju City currently plans to build a new bridge which is meant to connect the old and the new town of Gongju City across Geumgang River. The planned bridge is meant to be located next to the existing Geumgang-gyo Bridge which was built in the 1930s and is currently listed as a national monument. The New Geumgang Bridge is planned to be located in the immediate vicinity of Gongsanseong Fortress which forms an important component part of the serial UNESCO World Heritage property Baekje Historic Areas, inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2015.

The Heritage Impact Assessment aimed to assess the impact of the planned bridge on the Outstanding Universal Value of the serial World Heritage property Gongsanseong Fortress, as well as on the historic value of the existing historic Geumgang-gyo bridge. In this context potential visual, structural and functional impacts were investigated. As a result, several suggestions for mitigation measures were compiled. 

Commissioned by:
Chungnam institute of history and culture

Status / Result:
Completed and published in 2020