Study of the Visual Impacts of the proposed expansion of the Port of Budva in Montenegro on cultural heritage

The Old Town of Budva as a typical mediaeval walled city in the Adriatic is protected under the national legislation as a monument of culture of the first level. Its immediate surrounding is a backbone and basic potential for the development of the contemporary Budva as an important touristic destination at the Montenegrin coast. At present, Budva attracts various kinds of investment. One of these projects is the refurbishment and expansion of the existing Port of Budva by the planned Dukley Marina. The Visual Impact Study (VIS) aims to evaluate the potential visual impacts of this proposed expansion of Port of Budva – Dukley Marina on the Old Town of Budva and its setting, from an independent point of view. In detail, the Study is supposed to analyse and assess the impact of the proposed form and design of the port expansion, including the associated buildings within the Port area. 

Commissioned by: 

Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and CAU – Centra za arhitekturu i urbanizam, Podgorica 


Katri Lisitzin, Architect SAR / MSA, Sweden

Status / Result: