Master plan Castrum Bonnensis

The former areas of the Lower Germanic Limes will be included in the World Heritage List until 2020 as an extension of the development of the transnational UNESCO World Heritage Site Borderlines of the Roman Frontiers.

The project forms part of the extension of the transnational UNESCO World Heritage site Borderlines of the Roman Frontiers in elaboration of a Master Plan for the area of the former Roman military camp Castra Bonnensis in Bonn-Castel. The master plan includes the creation of a conservation and placement concept in cooperation with the LVR Office for earth monument preservation in the Rhineland, the LVR-LandesMuseum in Bonn as well as the urban planning office of Bonn. The project can accordingly serve as a prototype for elaboration of conservation and placement concept for other nomination proposals for the Lower German Limes and thus also as a basis for the future Management Plan of the potential serial World Heritage site with the Dutch project partners. 

Commissioned by:

LVR-Amt f├╝r Bodendenkmalpflege im Rheinland / MVB NRW


UNESCO Chair in World Cultural and Urban Landscapes / RWTH Aachen University

Status / Result: 

Completed in 2016.